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Here at Alure Thai Massage, we offer a wide selection of relaxing services in each of our 6 locations. Let us take care of you.

Our Services

Traditional Thai Massage

January 01, 2017

Thai massage follows from ancient traditions and involves stretching and deep massage. Our traditional massage is floor based, and does not use essential oils. This is a full-body massage that begins with the feet and progresses to the head, using a sequence of gentle, flowing movements to leave the body feeling relaxed and re-energised.

Essential Oil Massage

January 01, 2017

The essential oil massage is a relaxing massage using gentle manipulations and essential oils mixed with therapeutic massage oils. As essential oils have many healing properties, an essential oil massage will help you to relax and unwind, reducing stress and tension in the mind and body.

Foot Reflexology

January 01, 2017

Reflexology is the practice of massaging the pressure points on the feet with thumbs to relieve blocked energy and stress in other parts of the body. This is a perfect choice after a long day on your feet.

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